Services: What Cats@Home do for your cat and home.





The service we provide includes making daily visits to your home to feed, water, talk to, play with, cuddle and groom your cat   - whatever they like that makes them happy.



Should they become ill or injured whilst you are away we will ensure that they receive proper veterinary care. We also make sure that litter trays are kept fresh.

We check on the security of your home each day and make sure that post and leaflets are picked up. We put dustbins back in the proper place after collection. Houseplants are watered too!


We provide care for cats 365 days a year, but we do sometimes get fully booked, especially at Christmas and New Year so book early.


We can look after other small animals too.

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We charge 11 per visit except for Bank Holidays, which are charged at double rate.



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